Dare B-25 Electric RC Conversion:

  • 2x PJS 300 SF brushless "outrunner" motors
  • 2x three bladed Varioprops (7.2x4)
  • 3S 1200mah ETec Li-Poly
  • Throttle, elevator and aileron control

    More information can be found here.

    Onboard Video (right-click, save-as)
    DougsB25_high (18.30mb WMV) DougsB25_med (8.44mb WMV) DougsB25_low (2.78mb WMV)

    Graupner Mini Piper:

    The Mini Piper is an expanded polystyrene model airplane. With a 30" wingspan, it has a wing area of approximately 166 square inches. This design does not offer much cargo capacity margin. Through the use high-end electronics (typically used on models much more complex and expensive than this) the weight has been kept down. Even though the plane was built in a stock configuration, some deviations were made to ensure a good power to weight ratio. Namely:

  • Propeller (APC 6x4e)
  • Battery choice (2s Etec 1200 lithium polymer)  

    The rest of the hardware:

  • 2x Hitec 55 servos
  • Berg 5 DSP reciever
  • Castle Creations Pixie ESC (with adjustable voltage cut-off)
  • 7.2v Graupner 300 motor  

    With the addition of a video camera system, the Mini Piper has been converted from a standard trainer into a valuable asset in the pursuit of information gathering.


    Sample Video (right-click, save-as)
    Video 1 (1.56mb WMV)
    Using CMOS camera
    Video 2 (2.62mb WMV)
    Using Panasonic CCD camera
    Aerial Tour of Burro Canyon 12.7mb
    Tour of Burro Canyon Shooting Park taken from the Minipiper platform.