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:: 15.4.02 ::

Finished installing the following yesterday (car had about 118,200 miles on the clock):

1) Tokico Illumina shocks (all four corners)
2) Tokico Springs (all four corners)
3) Power Slot slotted rotors and pads (fronts only)
4) New passenger side ball joint
5) New passenger side brake caliper mounting bolts (the bolts that mount the caliper itself to the caliper carrier)

All in all, a very productive upgrade. It took a long time to do this because of the difficulty in removing the steering knuckle and ball joint. The trick is to use heat!

Anyway, I think the front of the car is a bit high, so I'm thinking about cutting half a coil off the front springs.

The car rides noticeably better. Way better. I also have a strut tower brace (put that in less than 2000 miles ago). On "5" all the way around, the car handles like a go-kart! Well, as close to a go-kart as a Mustang is gonna get at any rate. Right now, I have the fronts at 1 and the rears at 3. I'm thinking 1 in the front and 2 in the rear is the best. Right now the back feels too stiff.
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