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:: 10.3.04 ::

I finally finished my clutch swap. I started on Sunday afternoon and worked till 11:30pm. I had to stop because I didn't have a bearing remover for the pilot bearing. Monday, afterwork, I went to Autozone and rented a slide hammer and pulled the bearing off lickety split. I went home at 11:00pm thanks to a stubborn exhaust. On the third and final day, I finally got the exhaust lined up and installed, but forgot to fill the transmission case with oil. One more trip to Autozone to return the slide hammer and to pick up a hand pump for the oil. Stupid packaging. Anyway, here are the stats:
- 142,100 miles on the odometer

Parts replaced:
- clutch (Valeo)
- pressure plate (Valeo)
- throwout bearing (generic)
- pilot bearing (Ford)

I still need to swap:
- clutch cable (Ford)
- firewall clutch adjuster (Maximum Motorsport)
- clutch quadrant (Maximum Motorsport)

I also ordered a set of caster/camber plates from www.hotpart.com. More to come...
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