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:: 3.4.04 ::

On the Mustang:
At 144,000 miles, a new, aluminum clutch quadrant and firewall clutch cable adjuster (both from Maximum Motorsports) was installed. I needed these pieces because I ran out of adjustment range with the stock pawl/ratchet system. However, the clutch still doesn't disengage until the pedal is on the floor. I also feel the synchronizers require replacement, at least for the first three gears. Things of note: Aside from the clutch pedal engagement range and the syncros, I need to keep an eye out for the intermittent pinging/knocking sounds that occur during hard acceleration. I'm using 87 octane, only, right now as I don't want to jump to any conclusions. Possible sources, aside from fuel, are improper engine management due to invalid sensor data; mass air flow sensor might need cleaning or the o2 sensors might need replacement. The Mustang is also operating under Check Engine Light rules. The light first turned on with I restarted the car recently. The computer code showed up garbled, but indicating a rich mixture. The car seems to be running fine at the moment. I'll have to read the code again, reset the computer and hope it doesn't come back. Or if it does, that the code isn't garbled.

Parts replaced:
- Firewall clutch cable adjuster
- Clutch quadrant

On the Integra:
At 131,100 miles, I installed new front pads (Performance Friction carbon-metallic, with lifetime warranty from Autozone) and new front discs (OE spec). Then I lubed the brake pins and brake pad slide points on all four brakes with Mobil 1 synthetic grease (reddish-pink in color). Things of note: I rotated the tires (front to rear, rear to front) and noticed the old front tires had a severely worn inside edge. The wear only went in about an inch into the contact patch, but was severe. I'll have to monitor the now-rear tires for any potential problems.

Parts replaced:
- Front rotors
- Front pads

Parts serviced:
- Front/rear brake pins re-lubed
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