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:: 2.5.04 ::

Finally replaced the clutch cable in the Mustang at about 146,000 miles. The cable came with the quadrant and firewall adjuster kit from Maximum Motorsports. Unfortunately, I couldnít swap the bracket that fixes the cable to the inside of the engine compartment. It seems to be working fine though. The cable is also a bit longer than stock, but thankfully has less ďstretchĒ so the action is a lot tighter. Anyway, the new cable is so much smoother than the old one. Good times. Too bad the synchronizers are bad. I also think the throw out bearing from the Valeo kit is cheap. Itís squeaking and feels like itís binding against the bearing retainer.
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:: 3.4.04 ::
On the Mustang:
At 144,000 miles, a new, aluminum clutch quadrant and firewall clutch cable adjuster (both from Maximum Motorsports) was installed. I needed these pieces because I ran out of adjustment range with the stock pawl/ratchet system. However, the clutch still doesn't disengage until the pedal is on the floor. I also feel the synchronizers require replacement, at least for the first three gears. Things of note: Aside from the clutch pedal engagement range and the syncros, I need to keep an eye out for the intermittent pinging/knocking sounds that occur during hard acceleration. I'm using 87 octane, only, right now as I don't want to jump to any conclusions. Possible sources, aside from fuel, are improper engine management due to invalid sensor data; mass air flow sensor might need cleaning or the o2 sensors might need replacement. The Mustang is also operating under Check Engine Light rules. The light first turned on with I restarted the car recently. The computer code showed up garbled, but indicating a rich mixture. The car seems to be running fine at the moment. I'll have to read the code again, reset the computer and hope it doesn't come back. Or if it does, that the code isn't garbled.

Parts replaced:
- Firewall clutch cable adjuster
- Clutch quadrant

On the Integra:
At 131,100 miles, I installed new front pads (Performance Friction carbon-metallic, with lifetime warranty from Autozone) and new front discs (OE spec). Then I lubed the brake pins and brake pad slide points on all four brakes with Mobil 1 synthetic grease (reddish-pink in color). Things of note: I rotated the tires (front to rear, rear to front) and noticed the old front tires had a severely worn inside edge. The wear only went in about an inch into the contact patch, but was severe. I'll have to monitor the now-rear tires for any potential problems.

Parts replaced:
- Front rotors
- Front pads

Parts serviced:
- Front/rear brake pins re-lubed
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:: 10.3.04 ::
I finally finished my clutch swap. I started on Sunday afternoon and worked till 11:30pm. I had to stop because I didn't have a bearing remover for the pilot bearing. Monday, afterwork, I went to Autozone and rented a slide hammer and pulled the bearing off lickety split. I went home at 11:00pm thanks to a stubborn exhaust. On the third and final day, I finally got the exhaust lined up and installed, but forgot to fill the transmission case with oil. One more trip to Autozone to return the slide hammer and to pick up a hand pump for the oil. Stupid packaging. Anyway, here are the stats:
- 142,100 miles on the odometer

Parts replaced:
- clutch (Valeo)
- pressure plate (Valeo)
- throwout bearing (generic)
- pilot bearing (Ford)

I still need to swap:
- clutch cable (Ford)
- firewall clutch adjuster (Maximum Motorsport)
- clutch quadrant (Maximum Motorsport)

I also ordered a set of caster/camber plates from www.hotpart.com. More to come...
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:: 12.11.02 ::
Things I did this week:
1) Put on a Maximum Mustang pinion snubber. What is a pinion snubber? It's basically a rubber bump-stop that prevents the differential from hitting the floor pan. Differential hitting floor pan not good. Anyway, the MM snubber is a lot shorter than stock, so it'll let my progressive rate springs do their job. Anyway, now I can drive without hearing and feeling that annoying THUNK whenever I hit a big bump.
2) Put in a 110lph fuel pump. Stock is something like 80lph, so I wanted something more. One day, oh yes, one day I will add larger fuel injectors. Not too much larger, probably just one step higher. Anyway, with a little over 125,000 miles on the dial, it's probably more for preventative maintenance than anything else.
3) Cleaned out Mass Air Flow sensor. Thanks to a link over at v6power.net, I was able to find a Technical Service Bulletin about contaminated sensors. Basically the MAF sensor gets too dirty to register a correct reading. I hooked up my OBD2 diagnostic equipment and checked ambient barometric pressure, and it was at 19inches of mercury! Thatís as if my car was at an altitude of over 11,000 feet! No wonder I was getting codes P0171 and P0174 (lean in banks one and two). So basically I just popped open the big black MAF case and took apart the little sensor from the metering tube. It uses T-20 torx bolts, but I used pliers and muscled them out. When I saw the sensors I was shocked .They were both covered in a thick layer of grime. I used contact cleaner and large chunks of the sludge flew off, but there was still more crap. I then resorted to drastic measures and used a Kleenex brand tissue and gently rubbed the remaining deposits away. One more dousing in contact cleaner and then I blew on the sensor to let it dry. After I bolted everything back together, I reset the barometric number by disconnecting then reconnecting the MAF as the engine was idling. Almost immediately the barometric number rose from 19 to 27. Basically I dropped from over 11,000 feet to 3,000. Not quite at 200 which is what it should be at, but close enough. Iím sure with a few more drive cycles, itíll settle down. Regardless, before I drove home I reset the computer. No CE light yet but then again, Iíve only completed one drive cycle.

After all the modifications and general maintenance, I must say the car responds a lot more to throttle. In fact the motor has a lot of pep. Iím seriously starting to think about doing the 4.2L cam swap. However, I still need to do the clutch swap.

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:: 15.4.02 ::
Finished installing the following yesterday (car had about 118,200 miles on the clock):

1) Tokico Illumina shocks (all four corners)
2) Tokico Springs (all four corners)
3) Power Slot slotted rotors and pads (fronts only)
4) New passenger side ball joint
5) New passenger side brake caliper mounting bolts (the bolts that mount the caliper itself to the caliper carrier)

All in all, a very productive upgrade. It took a long time to do this because of the difficulty in removing the steering knuckle and ball joint. The trick is to use heat!

Anyway, I think the front of the car is a bit high, so I'm thinking about cutting half a coil off the front springs.

The car rides noticeably better. Way better. I also have a strut tower brace (put that in less than 2000 miles ago). On "5" all the way around, the car handles like a go-kart! Well, as close to a go-kart as a Mustang is gonna get at any rate. Right now, I have the fronts at 1 and the rears at 3. I'm thinking 1 in the front and 2 in the rear is the best. Right now the back feels too stiff.
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:: 21.1.02 ::
Okay. I've had those Kumho Ecsta 712's on my car for about 2 months now. They work fantastically. Very little sqealing noise. I'm running 38psi (cold) in all four tires right now. When I was running 36psi (cold) all around it was fine... but I'm just experimenting right now. I do notice that its a bit harsher and that the tires natural dampening qualities have subsided abit. When I go to the track, I think I'll drop the pressure down to around 32-34 or so. Oh well. I can't wait. The next track day is in April. I hope to have that dent fixed and some suspension upgrades done by then.
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:: 22.9.01 ::
Theres a track day going on today at the Streets of Willow course. I would've gone if it weren't for the fact that I don't have enough money for tires. Thankfully, there'll be another track day coming up in two months. Hopefully I can save up some money for new tires and cheap track rims.

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